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What kind of proofs do you offer?

We offer 3 different types of proofs:
1. Electronic proof (PDF): we will provide you with a free electronic proof via e-mail, or can be viewed
directly from our website. This proof is intended for layout and spelling purposes only. When printing
your job we cannot match colors to digital proofs. We will also provide you with an electronic proof if
we have any concerns about your artwork
2. Laser proof: Upon request we will provide you with a free laser proof. This proof is 80 – 85% color
accurate and in most cases will suffice for pleasing color.
3. High-end proof (AGFA-SHERPA): Upon request we can provide you with an accredited AGFA-SHERPA
a hardcopy proof. This proof is 99% color accurate and can be used when color is critical. All hardcopy
proofs must be signed and returned in order for us to match colors on press. We cannot match colors
if an accredited proof is not submitted or purchased. Also, we cannot match colors to proofs which are
not accredited. Changes to hardcopy proofs should NOT be specified on the hardcopy proof as the
proofs are only used for color matching purposes. Please notify our prepress or design department about necessary changes.

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